You Can Be a Laughable Hope

Shane —  November 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

Would you want your organization to give away laughable hope?


Jesus gave away laughable hope.

“The girl is just sleeping.”

In the middle of all the mourning, people outright laughed at Jesus.

Hope is the certainty the future will be better than the past or present.

And whatever your organization sells, it can sell hope. Hope that you will make their future certainly better.

Not in a slimy, break down trust sort of way.
But in a way that you honestly desire and work for the better future of others.

In a way also, that people just can’t believe it. It’s so unbelievable that they chuckle at the very thought.

How can you give a laughable hope today?

This series is about leadership lessons we can apply to our everyday lives from the stories of Jesus’ miracles. Today’s reading is from Luke 8:40-42; 49-56.

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