Where To Put Your Feet When Walking on Water

Shane —  November 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

It is so easy to feel like you’ve lost control.

And when we’ve lost control, it is easy to lose control.


The disciples found themselves having lost complete control of a situation twice. They were professional fishermen, but the storm they faced overwhelmed them.

But both times, Jesus restored control.

And he did it two different ways.

For Peter, he restored control by allowing his feet to be solid, even though the water he was walking on wasn’t.

For the rest, Jesus restored control by bringing peace to the storm.

Leadership feels like walking on water at times. People want you to do it…but you don’t quite know how.

When we’ve lost all control, we have two options…

1. Try and gain control back.
2. Focus on the One who has all control.

We cannot be in complete control (read: power). So, let’s not lose control (read: composure).

Instead, focus on Jesus. He might not take the storm away.

But he sure knows where to put his feet when walking on water.

How can you focus on Jesus today so he can restore control?

This series is about leadership lessons we can apply to our everyday lives from the stories of Jesus’ miracles. Today’s reading is from John 6:16-21.

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