The Virgin Birth Is Dangerous For Parents

Shane —  August 5, 2015 — 1 Comment

That moment when you realize encouraging your boy to read the bible could end up revealing the birds & the bees.

Manger Scene

Our oldest (almost 9 years old), was reading the Bible this morning. We bought the second oldest name plated Bible and it reenergized both of them to read.

And the oldest said, “Jesus didn’t have any brothers.”

And I replied, “Well, Mary and Joseph did end up having children after Jesus was born. Jesus was just different…”

And what was going through my mind as I said that?

“Holy crap…how am I going to get out of this one?”

Leadership people talk about what you get done before breakfast determines the productivity of your day. That would set an all time high…or low…of productivity. I told my son about sex because he was reading the Bible…all before breakfast!

So I paused and said, “Because he was God and God put Jesus in Mary’s belly.”

Oldest, “Oh.” And went back to reading.

Crisis averted…for now.

Spiritual point? Not sure. Except that I think that I figured out why people don’t believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.

They don’t want to explain sex to their kids using Jesus as the example.

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