Selling a Product. Giving Away Hope.

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Paul believed in the hope the Jews were hoping for. And Paul was persecuted for believing in the hope that the Jews were hoping for.

Yeah. Kinda weird right.

Some people just won’t get the hope you’re selling.

In fact, they may be looking for the hope you’re selling, but they don’t get that you’re selling the hope they’re looking for but don’t get.

Selling hope.

Some may read that and think, “You can’t sell hope. Isn’t that kind of a sham?”

Well, shams come from people who sell hope and overhype said hope and let people down.

I hope you sell hope. Hope that they’re future can be better than their past & present. That you give a good service and a fair price as you sell hope. Cause that all goes into giving away hope.

So really, you could actually say you sell a product or service, but give away hope for free.

Some won’t get it. Many will. Sell. But give away hope as you sell.

How does what you do give away hope to others?

This reading plan series takes us through Acts. Today we are in Acts 25:13-26:32. We will look at leadership principles from the book of Acts and how they can be applied to your leadership today.

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