Resourcing Your People To Do Their Work

Shane —  July 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

What do you do with the income your organization brings in?

Do you buy stuff?
Do you pay salary?
Do you send a rent check?

Or is there something deeper happening?

When God first established his people into a function community, he had the people bring together their resources to fund those who are gifted to do the work.

Sure, you probably aren’t leading a charity or church, but what if you had the same mentality?

The income people pay you for your widget needs to go back into funding your skilled people you’ve hired to do their work effectively.

You don’t pay rent. You have a facility that will enable your workers to do their work effectively.

You don’t pay for office supplies. You are equipping the gifted with the materials they need to do their job effectively.

You don’t pay salary. You are equipping those who you’ve hired with a living.

Does this mean you don’t make money? No! If you don’t make money, you won’t have a business. You won’t give people jobs. You won’t better society with your widget.

Take a page from God’s play book. The income your organization receives…it goes towards nothing less than resourcing your people to do the work effectively.

How can you make a change today that will resource your people better?

This series is called Under Construction based on how the Holy Spirit rebuilds our lives. Today’s reading is based on Exodus 35:30-36:7.

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