Making Sure No One Gets Hurt

Shane —  August 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

My youngest three boys were playing in the front yard while I mowed.

I noticed the youngest (2.5 years old), trying to get on a 2-wheeled bike. I wasn’t too worried about it because there was no way he was getting on there. Maybe he’d fall over, but nothing major would happen.

Until I saw my second oldest (7 years old) picking up the youngest to sit him on the bike. The third boy was also helping. Helping keep the bike upright while the youngest was put on the bike.

They all were just fine with what was transpiring. But the father didn’t want it to happen.

That’s when I stepped in and made sure no one got hurt.

The boys were just trying to help give their younger brother a great experience riding a bike. I know that wasn’t going to end with a great experience.

We have a desire to help others with life. But one thing that we must be doing to help them the most is to tie ourselves to the Father.

At CrossPoint, we call this “Fill my cup. Empty my cup.” A saying borrowed from a guy by the name of Andy Stanley.

We must make sure that we’re tapping into the Father while helping others. There will never be anything to empty if there is nothing being poured into our cup. And we need to make sure what we are helping others with is actually what the Father wants.

Ever hear…or tell…someone, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” Well, that’s not in the bible. In fact, God’s word is chalk full of examples where people are in way over their head. And that’s what God wants. He does that so we will have full dependence upon him.

We’ll never help perfectly; so we need to jump in the game of helping people. But maybe we can help better than a 7 year old helping a 2.5 year old onto a bike by listening to the Father first.

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