Identifying Recognized Titles

Shane —  July 30, 2014 — Leave a comment

Do you find ways to give positional titles to those who already have recognized titles?

One thing that can hold your organization back is the wrong person in the wrong position, especially a leadership position.

God told Moses to put a positional title on guys who already had a recognized title.

These guys were already an elder and leader in Israel. The people recognized this. Moses just recognized what the people had already recognized.

Then came the positional title.

Find ways to watch for recognized leadership beyond positional titles. Use this to promote. Use this to create new positions. Use this to strengthen teams.

Because your organization will be much stronger if you put positional titles on people after they’ve earned a recognized title.

How can you identify the recognized titles in your organization?

This series is called Under Construction based on how the Holy Spirit rebuilds our lives. Today’s reading is based on Numbers 11:16-30.

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