Humble Authority

Shane —  October 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

Authority is one of the most important commodities you can have as a leader.


By definition, authority is the ability to give orders and make decisions.

But, if you come in with guns blazing, you will spend all the authority you have quickly.

Jesus impressed others with his authority, without trying to impress them with his authority.

He simply did what he did. And they were impressed. Why?

Because he didn’t need to flaunt it. He knew he had the authority in God’s Word for life. He knew he had the authority over demons and to restore life.

More than giving orders, authority is the confidence that the orders you do give and the decisions you do make will be what’s best.

And when you base your leadership on the authority of Jesus, you can have the confidence to lead in a way that’s best. And to do so with humility.

When you lead like this, you’ll build up authority you can use when you need it.

How can you make sure you are leading with the authority of Jesus today?

This series is about leadership lessons we can apply to our everyday lives from the stories of Jesus’ miracles. Today’s reading is from Mark 1:21-34.

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