Hope Goes Viral

Shane —  November 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

“Going viral” is a touchy thing.


If you want your organization to go viral because it is good for business, then you may be going viral for the wrong thing.

Jesus went viral. Often. The more he came to an area, the less he could move around freely. People came up to him for teaching, healing and just to get a touch.


Not because Jesus tried to go viral. In fact, he tried to get people to stop talking.
Not because it was good for business. In fact, it’s what got him killed.

Jesus went viral because he offered hope. Hope that lives could be restored.

God has given you something to restore with your organization.

Give hope to people with what God has given you.
Bring restoration to lives because you are in business…

Not because it is good for business.

Rather give hope just because it is good to give hope.

Then deliver on the hope you give.

How does your organization give hope through restoration?

This series is about leadership lessons we can apply to our everyday lives from the stories of Jesus’ miracles. Today’s reading is from Mark 6:53-56.

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