Great By Empathy, pt. 1

Shane —  May 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

Most elections are won on the “down to earth” factor.

Ok. So that statement really isn’t scientific or based on hours of extensive research. It is just my observation. Most people who are elected are elected based on how “down to earth” they are.

Could I have a drink with them?

However you define drink 🙂

Celebrities gain in popularity when they are seen as “down to earth.” What is is about that concept of “down to earth?”

It is all about empathy.

Even though they have this “other world” life, they seen to know what it is like to live life in “this world.”

And the same is true with our pastors and church leaders.

Chances are pretty good that if you walked away from the (or a) church at some point in time, it was because of the “down to earth” factor of the pastor and/or leaders.

Do they know what it is like to walk in your shoes?
Do they see themselves as human?
Do they think their toots don’t stink?

God always intended for the leaders of his people to be “down to earth.”

In the Old Testament, the priests represented the people to God and God to the people. But it wasn’t because they were special. They needed the sacrifice just like everyone else. They had weakness just like everyone else. They didn’t exalt themselves to the position. God put them there.

The same is true now. Pastors and church leaders aren’t special. We’re sinners too. We are weak too. We aren’t supposed to exalt ourselves to our position.

Why is this important in the conversation about Jesus?

Because we represent God to the people. If we have our head in the clouds, it is harder for others to see Jesus for who he is.

God, by definition, can’t be “down to earth.” So how on earth can a Heavenly God be “down to earth?”

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