Great By Access, pt. 2

Shane —  May 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

What is the ticket that allowed the high priest access to God?

A sacrifice.

It had to be a perfect sacrifice. The high priest had to sacrifice an animal on behalf of himself and his sin and on behalf of the people and their sin.

Then he could go into the Holy of Holies and have direct access with God.

But even then, the people were nervous. What if the sacrifice didn’t take? What if something was missed? What if the high priest stubbed his toe and took God’s name in vein?

They tied a rope around him. That way if he or the people weren’t holy, they could drag his dead body out of the temple without going into a place where they will be killed.

Sounds awesome.

And then there was the issue of the sacrifice. The sacrifice had a shelf life. It wasn’t good forever. They kept sinning, so they had to keep sacrificing.

The Tabernacle was a gory mess of animal blood.

And that brings us to the issue of effectiveness. Didn’t people want a better way? Didn’t they wonder if something else could be done? Didn’t they wonder is something else would be done?

And that brings us to the issue of the heart. God was quite clear in the Old Testament that sacrifice was the ticket to holiness, but our heart played a major role. Were you sacrificing just to sacrifice? Or were you sacrificing because you knew you didn’t measure up to the law and God’s holieness? That your heart was contrite because of your sin.

This is a lot of issues. Issues with the very system God gave. This was intentional by God because he was pointing to something greater. Something that will give access to his presence.

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