Great By Access, pt. 1

Shane —  May 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

What is the coolest thing…event, person…you’ve had access to?

I got to go to the 1994 World Cup when it came to America. Germany v. South Korea. The atmosphere is the most amazing thing that I’ve ever experienced. And I got to see now coach for the USA, Klinsmann, score this goal…

The only thing that came close was when I got to go to the Olympics in Athens, Greece. Those are the coolest two events a ticket has given me access to.

Humans are looking for access to places. We want the hottest ticket. We want to get into the coolest restaurant with the waiting list. We want access to celebrities lives.

Really, we want access to places we don’t really belong.

Last week we see that we get access into the throne room of God. Even though it is easy to forget, access to God’s throne is way cooler than anything we can go to on earth.

But how do we get access to the very presence of God? That is really a place we don’t belong.

That should be a perplexing question. Because all of us should be able to agree that we are not good enough, perfect enough, holy enough to be in God’s presence.

So how do we get into God’s presence?

Even from the beginning, God showed up among people with faith. He made his presence known despite people’s sin.

Then when he gave Moses the law and the Tabernacle (Temple) system of worship, he made his presence known despite his people’s sin.

God lived among his people in the Holy of Holies. It was completely separate from the people, he can’t associate with sin. But it was still among the people.

Even with his presence, he didn’t give his people continual access to his throne. One guy, once a year got access. That’s it. And he got access after a pretty long ritual of consecrating himself…or a ritual of making himself holy.

Because God can’t associate with sin. The high priest had to be made holy. And what was the ticket that gave him access to this place he didn’t belong?

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