Finding Joy In Our Kids

Shane —  August 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

We went to Silver Dollar City today.

My wife, myself and all our four boys. And today, just like any other day, someone says, “Those are all 4 boys? God bless you.”

Today was the last real day we could get away this summer and take advantage of the season tickets that my parents gave us for last Christmas. School and soccer start next week! Time is running short soon!

But we had a good day. Anytime we all come home and no blow ups happen is a good day.

This leads me to…I’m trying to find more joy in my boys.

I’m someone who has too much obsession with perfection. If things aren’t just right, it gets me frustrated.

Paul saw Timothy as a son. And in 2 Timothy 1:4 Paul tells Timothy, “I will be filled with joy when we are together again.”

Paul, the spiritual father, found joy in the presence of the son, Timothy.

Sometimes parents, it is hard to find joy. Cause it all gets frustrating.

But maybe the frustrating times will start to melt away if we find more joy in our kids.

This doesn’t mean a discipline free home. When one person’s actions take away the joy of all, the joy of all must be paramount to the joy of one.

Find joy. Laugh. Tickle. Wrestle. Play. Whatever it takes.

And you’ll find a kid who finds joy in you.

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