Fill Your Leadership Cup

Shane —  June 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

Leadership is a draining endeavor.

When we pour ourselves out into the lives of others, we must be filled up ourselves.

Otherwise we will become dry. Much like grass on a summer day without rain for weeks, our heart becomes dry and brittle.

But once the heavens open and rain falls down, the grass thrives again.

The promise of God is that he will send his Spirit to irrigate our dry heart. To bring water that will flourish your heart.

Leadership is draining. Where do you go to fill your cup?

God has promised he will fill yours with life everlasting if you go to him.

What can you do today to have God fill your cup?

This series is called Under Construction based on how the Holy Spirit rebuilds our lives. Today’s reading is based on Isaiah 44:1-8.

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