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Shane —  January 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

en-3ce6ba3774a2ff8aaaf0d95dfdfd144bIf you’re like my wife and I, you struggle with family discipleship.

Yeah. You know it is important to disciple your kids, but the flow of life makes it difficult. Plus, maybe you experienced this, every time you tell your kids to go get the bible, they groan. You’ve even bought the cool, colorful, comic looking bibles. But they still groan.

Even pastor’s kids do this.

I happened upon this trick the other day…

On of my boys was sitting on my lap and he was playing with my Apple Watch. He came to the Bible app and opened up the verse of the day. We read it and talked about it.

Then a light bulb went on. You know, that light bulb where you simultaneously feel smart and dumb. Smart because you discovered a tool. Dumb because you didn’t think of it before now and it was sitting on your wrist the whole time.

So, I decided to give it a try. Every night where the boys go to bed at the same time, I open up the verse of the day and read it. Then we talk a bit about it. Then I pray for them.

And they ask for it! If I forget (or, more honestly say, “I’m not going to mess with it tonight.”), they ask for me to read it. Will that last? I don’t know, but I’ll ride that train as long as I can!

Most of us have the Bible App on our phone. So just look up the verse of the day. Do it on your way to school. Do it at dinner. Do it before bedtime.

Maybe it’ll work for you. Maybe it won’t…and that is ok! But that doesn’t mean to give up figuring out how to disciple your kids. It is just that the current solution for you is something you haven’t found yet.

It is worth the fight though. Find something that’ll get them excited about hearing about God that you can do together!

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