Entitlement Will Destroy the Workplace

Shane —  October 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

A culture of entitlement will destroy the work place.


Jesus, speaking mainly to his disciples, tells us of a parable where some workers felt entitled.

They agreed upon a wage. And when those who came later got paid the same wage, they expected more.

But it wasn’t coming.

Those around first in your organization will feel entitled. Entitled to treat those who came later worse because they’ve been around less.

Instead, the culture must be a culture that says, “We are all in this together; so we will treat others the same.”

Now this doesn’t mean we can’t have pay scales, org charts, etc. What this does mean is that the white collar hazing will destroy your organization. Leave the hazing to high school sports teams (but they’d do better without it too).

Lead in a culture of everyone is in this together. Where everyone is treated like humans on the same team. Then demand those who have been around the longest to treat others the same way.

And you’ll see a safe culture develop where the newest will perform quickly.

How can you build a culture that everyone is the same today?

This series is taking a look at the parables of Jesus and how they apply to our leadership situations. Today’s reading is Matthew 20:1-16.

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