Building a Foundation in Others

Shane —  July 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Spirit is always at work making you holy.

Doesn’t matter what you’ve done.
Doesn’t matter what you’re doing.
Doesn’t matter what you’re going to do.

He is still making you holy.

Paul reminded the Romans about this fact. These weren’t nice, good, moral people before becoming Christians. They worshipped multiple gods. Worshipped Caesar as Lord. Worshipped those gods through sexual immorality.

Among other things.

And Paul still told them God is making them holy.

In other words, the Holy Spirit came upon them to rebuild them into Jesus’ image.

But that’s not all.

This is why Paul was so focused on non-Christans. They didn’t have the Spirit. They needed to see the power of the Spirit to transform lives.

His mission was to build this foundation everywhere this foundation wasn’t already built.

You’re not in your position for your own benefit.
God isn’t making you holy for your own benefit.

He wants you to build a foundation where no one else has built.

How can you build a foundation in someone else’s life today?

This series is called Under Construction based on how the Holy Spirit rebuilds our lives. Today’s reading is based on Romans 15:14-21.

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