Approachable By All

Shane —  November 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

Any level of faith works for Jesus.


This woman who came to him didn’t have a lot of faith. But she had just enough to go to Jesus.

No doctor had helped her. And this was made evident by how she approached Jesus.

She didn’t want to bother him with a request.
She didn’t want to be put to another humiliation if this didn’t work.

How do you treat people with little faith?

How we treat people who are shy or even ashamed to approach us matters. It matters to that one. It matters to everyone watching.

It pays huge dividends to welcome with open arms those who are reserved and ashamed to approach you.

Because when they do approach you, it shows they have faith you can do something.

How can you make yourself approachable by all today?

This series is about leadership lessons we can apply to our everyday lives from the stories of Jesus’ miracles. Today’s reading is from Luke 8:43-48.

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