One Thought. One Action.

As I talk to people, especially non-Christians, about their experience with Christian leaders, I’be become more and more burdened. Burdened because I’m hearing about things that is clearly talked about in the Bible, but not lived out.

And it has hurt the advancement of the Kingdom because of Christian leaders.

But, I think it is an “honest” thing. Honest because rarely do we as pastors or church leaders make very many ties of what the Bible says to leadership directly.

So my goal is to give you, as a leader, one thought and one action daily.

It will be a short, simple blog post coming to the point of one thought and one action.


Because you’re a mover and shaker. It has to be quick or you won’t read it or think about it. So it is One so it can impact you today.

And really, my ultimate goal is to let God transform your leadership.

Transform your leadership so that your leadership advances the Kingdom.


I’m a young leader and pastor, so why do I think I can speak into this space?

Honestly, it is hard for me to think that I can. Except for the fact that I’m not really speaking into this space. All I want to do is contextualize the Bible into the leadership space.

So how have I led?

I’m a husband and a father to 4 boys. I think this is my greatest leadership challenge!
I’m the Teaching Pastor at CrossPoint Fellowship. This is the title we use for “Lead Pastor.”
I’m an USSF State Referee and NISOA National Candidate. For those of you who know, you know what that means. The rest, we’ll you don’t really care anyway. Leading 22 players to compete with Fair Play.
I’m a soccer coach. Leading kids on the practice pitch so they can thrive on the match pitch.
I’m a substitute teacher. Leading students who don’t care about you being there to stay out of the principal’s office.

Whew. That wears me out just typing it.

That’s where I lead in a nut shell.

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